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EKO ever since means instruments for music lovers. For students, teachers, musicians and professionals. Always keeping in mind esay of use and reliability of product. This has reflected into innovative production solutions and technical features that have allowed EKO to arise among the multitude of guitar manufacturer worlwide.
Starting from our latest innovation, the FastLok neck system and going back to the BoltOn neck, EKO has proudly introduced features that have signed 50 years of acoustic guitar history and will for sure leave a track for the coming 50 years.

- FastLOK System
- EKO Logic Switch
- FastLOK Tremolo
- Adjustable Bridge
- Bolt On

A nice sounding DUO

In this case the DUO is not formed by two people but from the union of the musician and... [+]

This guitar is MINE – MIA series

The Italian meaning of the word MIA is MINE!

The first series introduced by Massimo... [+]

The musician, the instrument and the sound …

… an indissoluble TRInity.

This series offers to the more demanding musicians a... [+]