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Guitar overview

Our heritage is an inspiration for the future.

From the magnificent selection of guitars that marked our past, we present a revival of models from our heyday in the fabulous 1960s, epitomised by the detailing that made them famous and appreciated by artists of the golden era. EKO's Research and Development team set about the task of revisiting and reevaluating classic Italian designs ofthe 60s, updating them with the best hardware now available on the market,and with due care and attention to detail to remain faithful to the original designs. Classics, for those who seek original retro cool guitars, fully updated to today's exacting standards.
But not only retro style!
A continuos technical research and the striving for musical instruments to use by everyone has lead to new designs and technical solutions.


K 24The series K evolved from our research into the balance and feel of instruments in demanding live settings. Whatever movements the musicianmakes during the show, the unique shortened bodydesign makes the guitar a joy to work with at alltimes, feeling at ease and ensuring optimal comfortand confidence while performing those reallydemanding virtuoso parts. With its wide lower cut-away, it allows easy access to the second octave.It is available with five hardwarecombinations to suit your personal requirements.

The FastLok neck system applied to a complete range of acoustic guitars is offering a highly customizable playing experience ! Ranger with Bolt On neck, 0 fret and adjusable bridge is one of most famous acoustic guitar and for sure the most sold EKO guitar.

Ranger Custom 12An important part of the EKO catalogue is dedicated to instruments for learning. Guitars designed on the advice of teachers, to meet the tecnical requirements for both, the first years and for advanced study, offering sonority, practicality and optimum quality and value for money.

To access a large collection of pictures of EKO guitars please visit a friend of EKO, for sure the most exaustive online collection for EKO original product of the past.

A nice sounding DUO

In this case the DUO is not formed by two people but from the union of the musician and... [+]

This guitar is MINE – MIA series

The Italian meaning of the word MIA is MINE!

The first series introduced by Massimo... [+]

The musician, the instrument and the sound …

… an indissoluble TRInity.

This series offers to the more demanding musicians a... [+]