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Eko Music Group S.p.A.

In 1988 EKO decided to enter the distribution market and from then onwards every year important brands decide to shift their distribution to us confiding in our loyalty, in our professionality, and in our structure.

Today we can proudly say to be the first distribution reality in Italy with Eko, Esound, Eko PRO and Quik Lok: the “Eko Music Group”!

EKO Music Group is part of a big Holding named PIGINI GROUP. To know more on EKO Music Group please visit or download our Company Profile.

A nice sounding DUO

In this case the DUO is not formed by two people but from the union of the musician and... [+]

This guitar is MINE – MIA series

The Italian meaning of the word MIA is MINE!

The first series introduced by Massimo... [+]

The musician, the instrument and the sound …

… an indissoluble TRInity.

This series offers to the more demanding musicians a... [+]