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Discover FastLok

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A New Era For Acoustic Guitars
Get ready for the ACTION with a superior setup like no other guitar in the price range.
Easily adapt the guitar to your playing style and play acoustics with the feeling of electric guitars.
From student to professional
FastLOK is for everyone.

Check. Rotate. Play.

fastlok system

What is FastLOK?

FastLOK is the EKO proprietary neck to body locking technology that allows to take full control of your guitar.
A truly breaktrough in acoustic guitars. It’s the easiest and cost saving way to adjust the string height ("action") in a fast and continuos way.
A FastLOK guitar can do so much more than a traditional guitar.

Check. Rotate. Play!

How does it work ?

Rotating - either clockwise or counterclockwise the simple allen key supplied with the guitar - the angle between neck and body is changing.

No need to remove strings, no need of tools or luthiers, and all is done in a matter of seconds. Playability of the guitar changes instantly, and also sound of course varies.

The action can be set to any desired height to match skills, different string gauges or even different styles of playing and different kinds of music.

See the FastLOK video here.

fastlok learning

Learning... the
FastLOK Way

fastlok what you want play eko

What you want to
play today?

fastlok electricfeeling

The Electric
Guitar Feeling

Download a flyer about the FastLOK
steel string guitar series.
PDF Flyer fastLOK
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